Coronavirus update – 24th December 2020

The latest Government restrictions, which are effective from 26th December 2020, put Norfolk into Tier 4 covid restrictions.  The effect of this on our club activities will be that all rides and meet-ups must be suspended until further notice.  Whilst individuals can still take exercise outside with one other person, it would not be appropriate for the club to arrange meeting places for us to ride to and meet as a group.

Coronavirus update – 1st December 2020

The restrictions that come into force on 2nd December mean that Norfolk moves into Tier 2.  Cafes, pubs, restaurants can open again but still with limitations.    Sitting outside in groups of no more than 6 people should be fine but inside a café we will only be able to share a table with members of our own household.    We will continue to try and select meeting places that also have an outside option for those who prefer not to go in a café at the moment or you might want to bring your own refreshments.  With all of this in mind we have decided to reduce the number of rides, for this month at least, to just one per week, alternating between Saturday and Wednesday.

Please ensure that you bring a face covering with you to wear while inside cafes.

Because of the uncertain times at the moment, rides lists will be published monthly over the winter months.  Any last minute changes to meeting venues will be notified on our website and our Facebook group.

Coronavirus update – 2nd November 2020
Following announcements by HM Government, we will be unlikely to be able to organise any meet-ups between Thursday 5th November and Wednesday 2nd December inclusive. In that period, riders will not be allowed to meet up with more than one other person from outside their household.
This means that the 11.00am meets at Reepham Station cafe on Tuesday 3rd November and at Piece of Cake, The River Rooms, Coltishall, NR 12 7DL on Wednesday 4th November will be the last until further notice.
We understand that some cafes will offer a take-away service during the lockdown.

Because of the uncertain times at the moment, future rides lists will be published monthly over the winter months, when gatherings are permitted.  Any last minute changes to meeting venues will be notified on this website and our Facebook group.

Coronavirus update  – 25th September 2020

In June we were able to re-start club rides.  Each week we have selected venues where members could meet for a chat and either a picnic lunch or a cafe meal.  This has generally worked well and we have had a full programme on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday each week.
In August we marked the Group’s 90th anniversary with a ride to Overstrand, where 10 members met for a picnic lunch and a celebratory cake.
The Committee was able to meet in late September, for the first time since February.  They discussed several aspects of the club’s ongoing activities during the Covid crisis and have made the following decisions.
1. The Clubroom events programme will not re-start in the foreseeable future in line with      Government guidelines.
2.  The normal Annual Lunch and Prizegiving is unlikely to happen for the current season.
3.  Trophies for the  Annual Attendance competitions will still be awarded and will be presented at a later date on a club ride.
4.  We do not know at this stage whether we are required to hold an AGM this autumn and are awaiting advice from headquarters.
5.  From November, and during the winter months ALL CLUB RIDES will change to an 11:00am meeting time to avoid being at cafes during their busiest lunchtime period.


Using E-Bikes on Club rides

In the last couple of years, several members have acquired e-bikes and are now using them on club rides. While this is welcomed, we should all bear in mind that using them in a group is not without problems. Because of their characteristics, they tend to be much quicker uphill than normal bicycles. If you are riding one, please try to keep the group in formation on hills, and if you need to overtake a slower ride, please do so with care and courtesy.


We have a map library which has almost all of the OS Landranger maps of the UK.

If you would like to borrow one (or more), contact Bryan W on 01603 736248 or 07815838213.

We also have a library of, mostly Natural History DVD’s.  If you would like more information please contact Robert A  on 01603 861175